Welcome! We are happy to hear that you are interested in starting a Workaholics Anonymous meeting. We have New Meeting Starter Kits available by two means- to get you the core material to needed to form your own W.A. group. You can order your Starter Kit for postal delivery, and we will include printed copies of all materials, multiple copies of core brochures, and a copy of the W.A. Book of Recovery. Or you can order an electronic copy of the New Meeting Starter Kit, which will provide you with PDFs of the core materials, some brochure, but you will want to order the W.A. Book of Recovery as well. Remember, all it takes to start a W.A. meeting is two workaholics who desire to recover from compulsive working.


We welcome you into the fellowship of Workaholics Anonymous and hope that you will find in this program the friendship, encouragement, and support you need to stop working compulsively and to carry the message to workaholics who still suffer. Many of us have found help following these steps of recovery. We hope you will find them useful, too.

Registering the Meeting and Staying Connected

Once you receive your Meeting Starter Kit, please complete and mail in the enclosed registration form or register your meeting online! This is a source of referral to you when people in your area ask us to help them find a meeting. Also, this information helps us keep our meeting list, including the popular web meeting list, and our mailing list current. We will send the meeting contact newsletters and conference information, ballots, etc. We wish you the best. Please feel free to write to us or call if you need any further help or just to let us know how you and your group are doing.

Yours in Recovery,
Workaholics Anonymous World Service

Enclosures you will receive:

A. Meeting Registration Form
B. SASE for Sending Back Meeting Registration Form (if Packet sent Postal Mail)

C. Materials to Lead Meetings

  1. Meeting Format
  2. How Recovery Happens
  3. The Twelve Steps of W.A.
  4. The Twelve Traditions of W.A.
  5. The Problem: Characteristics of Workaholics
  6. Signposts of Workaholism
  7. The Tools and Principles of Recovery
  8. The Promises of W.A.
  9. Additional Readings: Characteristics of Recovery
  10. Additional Readings: Affirmations for Workaholics
  11. Additional Readings: The Gifts of Rest
  12. Additional Readings: Twenty Questions: How Do I Know If I'm a Workaholic?

D. Core Literature

  1. Book: The Workaholics Anonymous Book of Recovery (1 copy) [not included in electronic New Meeting Starter Kit]
  2. Brochure: Workaholism: A Brief Guide (20 copies in postal kit)
  3. Brochure: Recovery in Workaholics Anonymous: Working the Steps (20 copies in postal kit)
  4. Brochure: Abstinence: Top Lines and Bottom Lines (20 copies in postal kit)

E. Organizing a W.A. Meeting

  1. How to Start a Workaholics Anonymous Meeting
  2. Suggested Meeting Space Request
  3. Sample Press Release
  4. Sample Meeting Announcement Flyers
  5. Letter to Health Professionals