Our primary purpose is to live free from active workaholism, one day at a time, and to help other workaholics to recover. To that end, we are willing to cooperate in supplying you with information and/or members for you to interview. Our requirements are that:

  1. You endeavor to give a true picture of our organization;
  2. You always maintain the anonymity of our members by omitting visual representations and identifying details such as names;*
  3. You include our contact information along with any coverage (i.e. mailing address, phone number, and web address); and
  4. You supply us with copies of your article or broadcast within 5 days after they appear. (This is very important as it enables us to have additional volunteers available to handle questions generated by your article or program.)

Contacting the W.A. Media Outreach Coordinator

If you are a student, researcher, or member of the press seeking an interview or some other information regarding work addiction that is not related to your personal recovery, please do not directly contact meetings or their local representatives.** This addiction is a life threatening illness, and we need your cooperation in order to ensure the safety of our members. Please do contact our designated Media Outreach Coordinator as follows:

  • Please email mediaoutreach AT workaholics-anonymous.org with your name, phone number, and media information in the first line of your email.
  • Your message will be sent as a text message to the cell phone of the coordinator who will see approximately 167 characters, including the email address, subject, and body of the message. You should receive a response within 72 hours.
  • If you experience any technical difficulties, you may call our main phone number at (510) 273-9253.
  • Thank you for your request. We hope that we have been helpful, and we appreciate your support in sharing information with the still suffering workaholic.

*Workaholics Anonymous was founded in 1983 and patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous. Like A.A., one of our most valued traditions is individual anonymity at the public level. Our Eleventh Tradition states: "[o]ur public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, films, television and other public media of communication." Thanks to stories in the public media, W.A. has attracted thousands of workaholics who were without hope and have now found recovery. We hope you will continue to avoid identifying W.A. members in your articles and interviews but will maintain your coverage of the recovery program. We ask that in your reporting on W.A., you use only first names or pseudonyms (indicated as such) of W.A. members and that you obscure the faces of those who identify themselves as W.A. members in on-camera interviews. Please contact us for any further information and materials you may need regarding the W.A. program.

**We provide a meeting search engine on this site for use only by those who desire to stop working compulsively. We ask that you help us to protect the privacy of the meeting contacts listed by refraining from using their information in any way.