The W.A. World Service Organization holds an international conference each year so that members can share their recovery and conduct any fellowship business face-to-face. For many members, an annual conference was their first opportunity to actually meet other recovering workaholics in person - important connections that promote a lasting commitment to wellness. Newcomers are very welcome and strongly encouraged to attend!

W.A. Conference 2019

This year we will meet at The Cenacle Retreat Center in Chicago, IL, USA from September 26-29.

Registration is now open!

You can register online or download the conference flyer.

And, of course, we need your help! The conference committee is planning the schedule and requests that members volunteer to speak and chair meetings. To offer your support, or to get further information, please contact:

What Happens at a W.A. Conference?

Conferences are a time to connect with other recovering workaholics. In a retreat-like setting, we meet to work the Steps, discuss the Tools and Principles, develop abstinence plans, and enjoy plenty of free time relaxing, eating, exploring nature, and socializing. Some people find or meet with sponsors. We hold a silent auction fundraiser and game night, and there are optional yoga/meditation times as well as "night owl" candlelight meetings.

There are often also meetings for family and friends of workaholics through the fellowship of Work-Anon.