Workaholics Anonymous Book of Recovery

The Workaholics Anonymous Book of Recovery, a 230-page softback book, is a compendium of information on recovery from workaholism. The book includes stories from recovering members, all of the approved program literature, a Step study guide (with questions and stories through each of the Twelve Steps), information on meetings, and helpful literature to support members in their recovery journey. The Book of Recovery 2nd edition is available for order online in print or Kindle ebook, and the 1st edition is available in print.

Table of Contents

Core materials from the following Table of Contents of the W.A. Book of Recovery are also available for free download from our W.A. Literature Page.

Foreword and Gratitude to Alcoholics Anonymous

About Recovery

Revised Twenty Questions: How Do I Know If I'm A Workaholic?  
The Problem - Characteristics of Workaholics
The Signposts of Workaholism
How Does Recovery Begin?
Meetings and Recovery
Turning it Over
The Tools and Principles of Workaholics Anonymous
The Promises of Workaholics Anonymous
How Recovery Happens in Workaholics Anonymous
The Twelve Steps of Workaholics Anonymous
The Twelve Traditions of Workaholics Anonymous

Our Stories

A Workaholic's Story
Living Flowly
Time Prosperity is My Goal: Recovering from Work Anorexia
Choices: Hitting a Bottom And Connecting to the Queen of Everything
The Myth of a Workaholic Geographic Cure
Cutting Loose from the Workplace
My Friend the Clock
Recovering All Of Me
Keep Coming Back - It Happens
Before, During and After
The Power of Underscheduling
The Benefits of Prioritizing
The Pleasure of Play
How to Make Decisions: A Tug of War with a Surprise Third Step Ending
It's About the Body
Keeping Busy for Life
A Race with the Clock
A Vision of Recovery from Workaholism

Our Problem

The Physical Consequences of Workaholism and the Nature of Recovery - A Doctor's Opinion
Work Aversion
Getting High - Adrenalizing
Progress not Perfection - and not Procrastination

W.A. Step Study Guide

Overview: Recovery from Work Addiction Through Working the Twelve Steps

Step One
Guide for Step One in Workaholics Anonymous
Step One Questions
Step One Story: Quantifying My Unmanageability
Step One Story: Insanity, Feeling, and Sanity - A Step One Writing Process

Step Two
Guide for Step Two in Workaholics Anonymous
Step Two Questions
Step Two Story: Gardening as a Metaphor for a Higher Power
Step Story: Steps One and Two and A Higher Power

Step Three
Guide for Step Three in Workaholics Anonymous
Step Three Quotations
Step Three Questions
Step Three Story: Living in Divine Flow

Step Four
Guide for Step Four in Workaholics Anonymous
Step Four Questions
Step Four Story:
Tools for Gentleness, Coping Skills, and Character Assets

Step Five
Guide for Step Five in Workaholics Anonymous
Step Five Questions
Step Five Story: Reaching Out for Help

Step Six
Guide for Step Six in Workaholics Anonymous
Step Six Questions
Step Six Story: Not all Roses and Miracles

Step Seven
Guide for Step Seven in Workaholics Anonymous
Step Seven Questions
Step Seven Story: From Contraction to Arms-Wide Embrace
Step Seven Prayer: Prayer to Be Free of Resentment

Step Eight
Guide for Step Eight in Workaholics Anonymous
Step Eight Questions
Step Eight Story: Cultivating Honest Willingness

Step Nine
Guide for Step Nine in Workaholics Anonymous
Step Nine Questions
Step Nine Story: Freeing Amends

Step Ten
Guide for Step Ten in Workaholics Anonymous
Step Ten Questions
Step Ten Story: "G" for Generous

Step Eleven
Guide for Step Eleven in Workaholics Anonymous
Step Eleven Questions
Step Eleven Story: Breath and Gratitude
Step Eleven Story: Message from My Deeper Power - "M Therapy"

Step Twelve
Guide for Step Twelve in Workaholics Anonymous
Step Twelve Questions
Step Twelve Story: The Miracle of Abstinent Service
Artistic Responses For the Twelve Steps


How to Contact us and How to Find or Start a Meeting
Suggested Guidelines for Workaholics Anonymous Recovery Meetings
Meeting Stories
Meeting Success Strategies
Successful Meeting Highlights
Area Meetings Throw A Retreat

Helpful Literature

Characteristics of Recovery
Helpful Reminders
Affirmations for Workaholics
Our Favorite Slogans
How to Recognize Working Joyfully versus Working Compulsively
Workaholism and Other Addictions
Technology and Work Addiction
To Employers and to Helping Professionals
The Work-Binge Sales Pitch
The Gifts of Rest
Reprioritizing Values
Turning Work Into Play
Where the Time Goes
Recovery from Time Debting
Abstinence: Top Lines and Bottom Lines
The History of Workaholics Anonymous