1. The less I struggle, the more open I am to inspiration. The more I take it easy, the more I accomplish.
  2. My Higher Power wants me to realize my vision of joyful work and a balanced life and gives me whatever I need to achieve it at the right time.
  3. I do everything easily and effortlessly.
  4. My life is full and underscheduled.
  5. I now receive full assistance and cooperation from all persons necessary for realizing my work vision. I attract only loving people.
  6. The more I risk, the safer I am.
  7. I am more effective by being more selective.
  8. The more I play, the more God works.
  9. I have time to spare and time to share. Time is my friend. When I take time, I make time.
  10. My top priority is doing my being. Before I do anything, I first do nothing.
  11. I draw to myself everything I need for a joyful balanced life.
  12. My doing my right work strengthens all my relationships. My work brings me closer to those I love.
  13. When I take time, I make time. The more I take my time, the more time I have to take. I don't have time not to have time.
  14. I am entitled to my right work and deserve the enjoyment, recognition, and health that right work brings.
  15. I live by divine appointment with broad margins.
  16. I am still in the midst of activity and vibrantly alive in repose. I take an emergency leisurely.
  17. The slower I go, the faster I grow.
  18. Even when offered the best, I say no if I need rest. Rest is the best reward I can give myself.
  19. My body is my friend and my temple. I bless and thank it daily and obey its signals.
  20. Emotions are information. I honor their important messages.
  21. I love myself no matter what. I'm perfect just the way I am. I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.
  22. People bring me important messages (angels in my life) when I listen or meditate carefully.
  23. I work to live, not live to work.

Originally appears as pages 182-183 in the W.A. Book of Recovery. This literature is also available as a downloadable PDF file