W.A. 2010 Conference MP3 AUDIO CD

The W.A. 2010 World Service Conference

The Workaholics Anonymous 2010 Conference was a rich experience for those who were able to attend. We wish you could have been there! The conference is over now but you can still experience the sessions and the speakers:

The W.A. 2010 Conference MP3 AUDIO CD

The W.A. 2010 Conference MP3 AUDIO CD is a full set of professionally recorded audio files from the program sessions at the 2010 World Service Conference. Over 12 hours of recovery sessions were recorded. It is available by ordering online or by using this handy mail-in order form.

Note: This is an MP3 Audio CD. It can be played in some modern CD players, but not all. It can be played by most personal computers, for example by using Windows Media Player or similar programs on Macintosh computers. Please be certain you have the capability to play MP3 files before ordering.

Table of Contents

  • Redefining the Self: Who am I now that I'm not my work?
  • Living The Steps
  • Surrender: Steps 1,2, & 3 (workshop)
  • For the Agnostic
  • Gifts of Abstinence
  • Easy Does It: Steps 4-9 (workshop)
  • Caring for Me (Self Amends)
  • Prayer and Meditation: Steps 10 & 11
  • Sponsorship
  • Plan of Action (Tool)
  • A History of Service (Step 12)
  • Carrying the Message (Step 12)